My Mexican Memoir is out for editing!

I’m excited to announce I sent my manuscript to an editor. I hope this will be my first full-length publication.

The logline: When an American tourist’s purse containing her passport is stolen in Mexico, she and her husband must push past language barriers, conflicting advice, and outright lies in their quest to return home.

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Novel Setting

A visit to San Francisco during the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love was inspiration for my novel.

The main setting for the novel I am currently writing is San Francisco in 1967. If I could go back in time and chose a time and place to live, this would be it. Young people were on the precipice of a new world order, and social change was the norm. Hippies wanted a different way of life with less consumption. Visions of Utopian society and cosmic oneness were hastened by use of LSD, along with deep questions about God and the meaning of life. My story takes place in Haight-Asbury, which was a low rent district close to Golden Gate Park. The time period is a few months leading up to the Summer of Love.

Current projects

I’m currently  writing a story for the holidays about a  kitten who brings love and havoc to the young couple who rescue him.  

I recently finished a first draft of a novel which begins with a college student’s adventure in  San Francisco in 1967.  I’ve always been fascinated with hippies in that era, so writing this book is my way to live through it.  Stephen King suggests putting a first draft away and not touching it for at least six weeks.  It has been over ten weeks now, and I haven’t looked at yet, because…

I’m normally very organized and thorough, but find that I procrastinate about things when time is needed for information to drop into my lap.  I will take a Fiction Workshop at St. Petersburg College during Spring semester, and just know I will acquire the tools I need to make my writing worthy of publication.  

Please follow me on this adventure.